2021 begin with an an assignment from God. I needed to come of social media and remove any distraction that was in my way of completing what he had asked me to do. I finally made the decision to be obedient and honour God’s word.

He had assign me to write a book, a book about my testimony and my journey from being a broken black girl to being healed by HIM. This book covers my own experience of rejection, child sexual abuse, daddy issues, low self -esteem and the list goes on.

I was offline for over 6 months and I managed to complete and publish the book. God is faithful and if he tells you to do something, just do it. In that time, my social media platforms, especially youtube grew without my effort needed.

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It is God’s responsibility for the outcome, all we have to worry about is to be obedient.

My Quitting Story

I was having one of my ‘ I don’t know what I am doing with my life moment as many of us who are faith based business owners my have and I took out my journal, started praying and God give me a word. He told me that after my current job, I will never enter traditional employment again.

What do I do with this word? I wrote it down and felt a great sense of peace but also another feeling of urgency. If I am not going to work for anyone else then I need to get this business up and running and generating enough income consistently, if I stand any chance of quitting.

I parked this word and didn’t think about it but a few months went by and my job was taking it’s toll on me. Working three nights a week and struggling to cope during the day and what I missed mostly was quality sleep.

I miss sleep

I wanted a better quality of life and to actually get into building my business properly, with the fear of not making enough in my business, I decided to take the leap of faith and look for jobs that utilised my skills but did not tie me down to being an employee. That is when I came across the role of being a Freelance Workshop Facilitator or Trainer. I also wanted to run workshops but didn’t know how I would use my public speaking skills and more.

I decided to apply for Freelancing roles which means I am able to work for myself through companies and build my speaking portfolio and skills.It allows me to manage my time and run my business full time. The journey has only began. Make sure you follow me on social media and join my mailing list